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Camera calibration is grayed out, android 13 seems to brought up a major issue.

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Factory reset a new unit, camera seems to be having major problems and it seems to affect the very few.

Problem #1. Camera gimbal stabilization can't be turned off, even if you set it to settings, turned vibration and haptic feedback everywhere and stabilization still runs, and is unusable. So I wanted to see if it can be calibratied...

Problem #2. The calibration in the settings is grayed out and it only says "Calibration complete".


I've tried resetting multiple times, I even downgraded to Android 12 to no avail. I'm losing patience, I don't want to send this back in as I bought them overseas and hoping that this is a software related issue.


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I also found the option greyed out for me.
However mine is a new phone. I immediately updated to Android 13 and latest firmware WW_33.0804.2060.113 before using (also did a factory reset), so i dun have a basis for comparison?

This option was working before the update? i'm contemplating if i should return the phone actually. I mean i dun think i really need the function. but if something changed, i think ASUS should inform us. Like now i'm not sure if i have a faulty unit...


Hey @mamamoitsumo and @ILoveCompacts,

The issue is currently being investigated. I'll get back to you as soon as I have some more information.

Thanks for noting this!