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Camera blurred

Star II

Model Name: Zenfone 9
Firmware Version: latest
Rooted or not: Not
Frequency of Occurrence: Always
APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app): Camera app

Apparently I am not the only one with this problem. The back camera is blurred all the time, it tries to focus and it just cant. This is annoying for a phone that costs just under the premium price, and since the camera actually comes out of the phone shell, you would expect it to be decent and trouble free. Soon going to have a baby and will only be able to take pics of him with selfie camera. Also saw that I can send it to repair, which needs a fac reset on my now fully set up phone. I dont have time for this shambles, I need my phone to work, hence I paid this price.

Never ever ever will buy anything from ASUS again.

Having said this, if someone has a fix, please let me know!

Happy new year


Star II
Welcome to the group mate. I have submitted the same issue to ASUS with image samples and had literally no response. Really, really disappointed with them.

Star II
Yup still same problem here! The wide lens works alright but the 1x is blurry and can't seem to focus even in pro mode... Where is the fix asus?

Star II
If you have not tried calling to the UK ASUS support, I only suggest you to do it for the fun of it! They are clueless - best thing they could say was: "hmmm try updating your phone?"

Star II
Same issue here. Wide focus lens is fine but the standard lens will not auto or manual focus. Stopped working after a month or two of daily driving the phone. I agree - for a thousand dollar flagship phone, we should not be dealing with this nonsense.