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App switch gesture gets stuck/buggy

Star II

If the app switch gesture is performed too quickly or the finger is dragged to either corner, the animation bugs out and the app overview become full-screen, persisting even if not touching the screen. In this state, it seems like the app has been correctly switched, but swiping left or right still switches applications (i.e. we are still in app overview). To correctly select an app, an additional tap is needed.

This is quite annoying when switching to apps that rely on swipes for features (like switching song in Spotify), since a swipe will not perform the intended action (change song) but will instead change app.

I have attached a screen capture where I am reproducing the issue consistently for three times. Notice how swiping does not interact with the app shown on screen but instead changes app.

Sidenote: I cannot link this post to any product, neither the "#" nor the "associated product" field work (I get "no matches")...

Model name: Zenfone 9 (128gb)

Firmware version: WW_33.0804.2060.100

Rooted: No


Star III

Ive also experienced this, not common, but it happens like 4-5 times a week. Same firmware version.