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Animation Speed is Off but the animation still appear in home screen when minimize apps

Star III

I turn off all Animation Speed, the animation has off correctly when minimize apps in All Apps menu.

But the problem is the animation still appear in Home Screen when minimize apps (you can see the attachment).

Please fix it, thank you.



  • Model Name: Zenfone 9
  • Firmware Version: WW_34.0304.2004.87
  • Rooted or not: Not Root



Star II

I am experiencing the same issue. This is an incredibly frustrating bug and destroys the user experience for me. Please fix it with high priority.

Hi @Mansi_ASUS  please fix it

Star II

This bug makes it quite clear that there is either shortfall in testing major new updates or Asus simply does not care about properly supporting their devices with good software. I have been an evangelist of the zenfone recently -- hardware is excellent -- but if it can't be supported with good software I can't see myself continuing to purchase this line of phones.

Star I

Same issue  here. I don't like the animation effects