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Android 14 putting Zenfone 9 into endless boot cycle

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After I upgraded to Android 14, the first time I rebooted, the phone went into an endless reboot cycle.

I forced it to turn off, then started it again and it worked.

Just now I restarted it, and it went into the boot cycle again.

I've restarted it 4 times, and each time it's gone into the boot cycle.

This seems to happen as soon as the SIM is registered and it connects to a network.

Is this happening with anyone else? Anyone at Asus know about this?

- Tim


Star III

@jheckard Since several people have reported doing a full reset, and the problem eventually coming back, I'm not too hopefully about resetting the phone being any kind of long-term solution. 😞

I regretably must agree. After my three complete factory resets, I am all but holding my breath that this phone continues to funtion as designed until Asus perhaps releases a fix for the current issue. I gave away my old phone, to one of my children, after a month or so of continuous use of my Zenfone 9. I had considered purchasing a Zenfone 10 when they first came out but could not justify the expense for the newer generation Snapdragon processor and wireless charging. I had been waiting patiently for the release of the Zenfone 11, but then was rather depressed (almost annoyed) when they announced the larger 11 Ultra instead. I have been an avid user and supporter of the Zenfone series of phones, for quite some time now, because of their compact size with higher quality specifications. I am cautiously waiting to see if Asus does decide to release another smaller phone. If they don't , or at least release a proper fix for this currrent issue, then I will be shopping for an entirely different brand of cellphones in the very near future. 

@jheckard I agree 100% regarding support for Asus keeping small form-factor phones, and sadness for their possible abandonment of them.  I mostly used Google Nexus phones, until they stopped making them.  Then I moved to the Sony Compact line, until THEY stopped making them.  Then I moved to Asus Zenfone, and now they may stop making them too.  I bought a Zenfone 10 when this reboot cycle issue happened on my Zenfone 9 (though by the time I bought it, the top-spec'd ones were no longer available in the US version - just the 8gb/256gb versions were).  I haven't fully configured the Zenfone 10 yet, so I've been using my Zenfone 8 until I get the Zenfone 10 up and running.

But yeah... the total abandonment my the phone industry of smaller high-spec phones is maddening.  I have NO need for anything larger than the Zenfone 10 (and would prefer smaller, really) - I have a laptop and several desktop computers, I don't use my phone for most tasks.

I'll stick with the Zenfone 10 until such time as it is running at a crawl or falls way behind in Android updates.  Not sure what I'll do then, if no compact phones exist.  Maybe go to the smallest Pixel I can find, or something like that. 😞

I am right there with you about utilizing laptop and desktop computers, instead of a cell phone for most actual interactions. But for when neither is readily available to use I love having a cellphone with me that is capable of whatever might be required of it. I have always preferred the smaller bodied phone designs, all the way back to Erickson, early Motorola and Nokia branded phones before any of them might qualify as mini computers. lol. I have loved the Zenfone series of phones, since first started using them. My current one is a 16GB with 256GB of storage. I actually had the 16GB 512GB version of the Zenfone 10 in my cart a couple of times, but never completed the transaction. Really wishing that I had now, but was hearing the rumors of the next release before the 10s were even shipping out within the North American Region so was anxioiusly awaiting the 11 instead of settling for the 10. Mainly because my Zenfone 9 has always worked almost perfectly since first received and activated.   

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Not sure if everyone saw, but there are a few threads about this issue, and ASUS posted a response on one of them that they are working on a new Android 14 release to fix this issue