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5g network not working

Star II

Problem is I can only get 4G. I have already:

checked the coverage map,

restarted the phone,

reinserted the SIM card,

and made sure 5G was on.

  • None of it worked. Please help.
  • Model Name:ASUS_AI2202
  • Firmware Version:
  • Rooted or not: Not root
  • Frequency of Occurrence:
  • APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app):

Can you try to switch off the Auto 5G and reboot phone? 

Hello sir,I off the auto 5g and reboot phone, but same problem 5g network not working 


Can you share the output from manually selecting the network? Something like what I have screenshot? 



Rising Star I

Seems like you might not be in range of the 5g coverage. Here is the current coverage link that you can check:

Though I have to say, the map is not very clear and distinct to the 4G and 5G areas. I would try travelling to a definitely well known 5G place(maybe Dubai International Airport?) and try connecting there. Else find a friend who has a known 5G connection and connect when you are next to him and/or see his phone settings? Or contact your network provider. Can't really think of anything else.