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Zenphone 8 not connecting to PC for data transfer

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My Zenfone 8 is no longer being recognised by my PC or Laptop. When i plug it in via USB-A to USB-C the phone start charging but then will not initiate a data transfer. There is no prompts that appear on the phone or the laptop and the phone does not appear in the Device manager on my PC or on my Laptop.
I have tried a number of different cables including the original which came with the phone and none seem to work even though they all work with other devices i have (Samsung and HTC phones).
I have triend changing the setting in Developer mode, tried all of the different options for default USB Configuration as well as with the USB Debugging off and on with multiple restarts inbetween. I have triend searching the forums and it seems others have had simialr issues but couldnt find any solutions which worked for me.
Phone is a Zenfone8 on Android12, Security Patch 5th August 2022.

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Anyone from Asus able to look at this?

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Also tried it with the original cable (usb c) on a MacBook. Nothing. One more thing with this phone that requires a workaround.

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