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Location off

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Is there a way to have automatically location on after a phone restart without unblocking the phone? After each phone restart, location is off and also connection with smartwatch is off until unblocking the phone. I tried all the permission on for location,bluetooth,and smartwatch app, also disabled all the power restrictions for this. With my other phone I didn't have this issues.

Hi @Danielqrx
Thank you for reaching out.
Can you please try the following steps:
·    Clear cache files system-wide. (Settings -> Advanced -> Mobile manager -> Cleanup)
·     Clear the cache of the LocationServices system app.
·     Make sure both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth scanning is enabled in Location settings.
·     If none of the steps above improve GPS performance and you haven't performed a factory reset, please do so.

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Nu funcționează nici cu resetarea de fabrică. Este o problemă a mărcii de telefon Asus. Celălalt telefon One Plus nu avea problema asta, se conecta automat la smartwatch după fiecare repornire, fără să fie nevoie pentru deblocarea ecranului.

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