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Zenfone 9 restart bluetooth 1 time per minute

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i bought zenfone9 (8/128 sunset red) 3 day ago and noticed that the bluetooth sometimes is turning off for 1 sec and then turning on (~1 time per minute).
if i connect my headphones zenfone will stop doing bluetooth restart for 2 min, and then again 1 time per minute, this does not happen only if there is data transfer, like sound of music or call, after call or stopping play music zenfone restart bluetooth after 1 min (the same with no connections, the same with mi band 6, restarts when just connect, no restarts when training mode mi band)
if i turn off the bluetooth manually it won't turn on until i turn it on manually
I have no problems with connecting devices, only with restarts when no active use
i tried reset bluetooth, stop, clear cache, factory reset (5-6 times with different settings)
i tried use high performance battery mode, off adaptive battery, off background app management (off other settings), developer options, system update, remove all apps
how to turn it off?

zenfone9, system up-to-date 32.2040.2040.23

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looks like this

Hey @xmadcore!
Does the issue occur with a specific app, or does the fluctuation happen with calls and other media streaming apps?

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