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Zenfone8 refuses to charge with USB-PowerDelivery/Qualcomm Quick Charge after 2-3 minutes

Rising Star I
Hey, few months ago i made a topic about not being able to charge the phone with 3rd party chargers.
Zenfone8 clearly has a problem setting a charge profile that works(USB-PD/Qualcomm Quick Charge)
So far i tested 3 charges, 2 of them are Baseus Gan2Pro 65W and Anker Nano II 45w with included usb-c to usb-c cable with the phone and other usb-c to usb-c cables that are 65W, and two cables that support 100W via USB-PD.
Phone charges fine for 2-3 minutes and then it stops charging at all. Please check if USB-PD and Qualcomm Quick Charge works with 3rd party chargers that can charge way more than 30W.
This is not about some 3rd party chargers not being supported. It's about charging standards that phone supports, but they simply don't work.
Heres my previous topic, afaik nothing been done about it.

Rising Star I

Checked with an HP notebook 65W USB-C charger and it works correctly, obviously not with 65W, but it seems like it works just like Asus 30w charger.


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Like original thread said, not every charger has this problem. Currently i have two and i would love to use them. But i cant. They charge my LG v30 without any problem, but ZF8 stops after 2-4minutes.
I would check on different ROMs, but i can't do it without voiding the warranty.

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Hello ASUS? Anyone gonna respond to my issue? I would like to help. Please let me know how to capture logs, i would be more than happy to provide you everything you need to fix the issue.

Rising Star I
Since i didn't get any response, i decided contacting ASUS Support. Sent the logs and video i created last year, support told me they sent them to HQ and they will get back to me as soon as they have a response.

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I had just the same issue with Baseus 65W GaN charger. Sometimes charging process went allright from the bottom to the top, but most of the time it was falling into some loop of very fast connecting and disconecting to the charger. I stoped using this charger, being affraid not to shorten the battery life cycle. Instead I started using some cheap Choetech 30W GaN chargers from Allegro. They work like a charm, and the above problem taking place with Baseus stuff never occured with the cheaper replacement.

Rising Star I
This is email i just got from polish Asus Support. Apparently there is a bug with stopping the charging on some 3rd party chargers. It's gonna be fixed in December most likely