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Zenfone 8

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I am currently contemplating upgrading my phone, but i wanted to know a bit more about if it is worth it or not.

Currently using my zenfone 8 which has been a joy, but the battery life and camera have gotten a bit worse over time.

Today i have used 2 hours and 50 min of screen on time and 12 hours and 50 min of screen off time. Only wifi and no bleutooth. Use case has been whatsapp, reddit and YouTube. Currently sitting at 29% battery left out of 100%. On 5g it goes much faster. Is it that bad or would newer phones offer a much better experience?

Currently looking into the Xiaomi 14 die to better software support and a decent form factor. No headphone jack though, but only asus and sony offer that but their software support is lackluster.

In general, would an upgrade improve my use case experience a lot? I feel like it is a bit more of a want than an actual need. Buying things i want always seems a hard thing to do.


Star I

On paper, the Zenfone range has always been packed with tech, high specs, and future-facing technology. Even the Zenfone 8 that is years old still outperforms many more recent competitor’s products (go see the spec list and benchmark scores in GSMArena yourself); however, I'd spend some time on this forum before you commit to Asus again…not only for their latest product you are interested in, but also its last few predecessors. You will soon observe that all of the phones have inherent unresolved generational problems that never get resolved nor even properly addressed from a customer communication and transparency perspective.