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ZenFone 8 Security Updates

Star I

Hi there

How long more will Asus support my ZenFone 8 security patches till?


Kindly advise, thank you. 


Rising Star II

I'm interested in this info as well.


This was the reply from one of the Asus support. I think we don't have the security patches anymore.

Rising Star II

Very strange answer. Almost as if it is a cut and paste.

We don't care what the policy was before ZF8, neither do we care what it is after the ZF8, we want to know what it is FOR THE ZF8.

Assuming it is 2 years - as that is the period for before and after, when does this 2 years start?

  1. Release of the phone
  2. Purchase of the phone
  3. Last Android version

I am on the November 2023 security release,

Phone released in 2021, so it cannot be option 1. I bought the phone in June 2022, so it could be 2, Android 13 released Jan 2023 - I think it has to be 3 as really the purchase date is too difficult to track for each individual and if you reset the phone is that a new "purchase" date.

Only time will tell I guess.

I do remember hearing on a review video somewhere that 2 software updates and 4 years security - which would tie in with 3. But which reviewer, I cannot remember - and it might have been for a later ZF.




Rising Star I

It's definitely not the date of purchase as you can still buy a new Zenfone 8. Usually it means the date of release but since the Zenfone 7 is still getting security updates until now I think we can at least expect one more year for the Zenfone 8.