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Zenfone 8 loosing data/connectivity

Star I

I have a Zenfone 8 compact 16/256. Its been fine for almost 2yrs now it constantly looses data and cellular connection. Sometimes the 5g logo goes away and it shows no signal sometimes its showing full bars and yet no connection until i try to use the Internet or make a call. People have told me that when they call/text me it doesn't go through.

-I have checked the APN

-I have reset network settings

-I have just purchased a new SIM card trying to resolve the issue and no charge

-I have removed and installed my browser

-I have premium Kaspersky antivirus and run scans each time at startup

-All software and apps are up to date

-Phone is not rooted and is unmodified

-if you cycle airplane mode on and off data and calls work again sometimes for just a few minutes and sometimes for a few hours

I miss the days of the sd cards where i could just move all my music and photos to that and factory reset the device.

Is this problem hardware or software related? 

Anyone have any input on what to do? 

If I do a full reset do i loose android 13 and the current security patches? 


Rising Star I

If I do a full reset do i loose android 13 and the current security patches?

I've had to do this and you get back to Android 13 and I'm on the security patch Nov 2023. I would be resetting the phone.

I hope that you are backing up your photos, music, whatsapp, sms etc., because if your ZF8 bricks itself as mine did in Dec 2023, you lose everything. Mine was fixed under warranty.

Star II

I have been having this issue for a while. My internet starts to be unresponsive so I have to turn off and on the airplane mode. I also changed out the Sim to verify.