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Zenfone 8 forced update to Android 12

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I've been running Android 11 on my Zenfone 8 since last year, when an Android 12 update killed off the ability to make phone calls or send texts. To prevent a similar debacle, I used the developer options to disallow automatic updates. Four days ago, I get a notification that I can't dismiss that there's an update available. I had an 8 hour drive ahead of me, so I ignored it. Imagine my surprise when it starts downloading the update automatically when I get home to a wifi connection, and continues downloading even when I turn wifi off.

WTF Asus? How do I stop this from happening in the future? I'd rather not go to the trouble of rooting my phone to keep you from hacking the OS on me. I can go through the process of backing up the phone and downgrading to Android 11 again, but if this is going to be a regular occurrence, that's going to get old in a hurry.



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Just to add insult to injury, the forced update broke the phone in exactly the same way as Android 12 did the last time. Thanks, not like I use the phone for anything important like running a business.


Do you know how to revert without a laptop or PC? Same thing happened to me with the 12 to 13 push, all my disability vision settings gone! And they added a nasty autorotate button to lower right corner, that once you bump it, your stuck in landscape until you close messaging or what ever app your in when it gets bumped. 

Asus used to be fantastic  and end-user friendly - my old Zenfone3 is still better in many ways - now, they're almost just one more google data harvesting subsidy in the android market!.

No, sorry. I tried applying the downgrade patch from last time, and the boot loader wouldn't recognize it. There may be a way to get it to take, but at the moment connecting from a desktop looks like the best option.

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@LastRedWitch  I was able to downgrade withoup PC. Perhaps this will work in your case too.

@ataylor  I found a way to block forced Android upgrade.