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ZenFone 8 died after 2.5 years

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Was watching a video, phone turned off i thought battery had died, plugged to charge no response. tried other chargers and cables, nothing. phone is completely dead.

after trying to reboot several times, the phone got warm as thought it was in use. I was hoping it was the screen that went bad, so connected to my pc hoping ADB would be the answer, but no, the phone was not detected by my pc. 

Anyone knows a way i could recover my data, clearly the phone is out of the 2 years warranty i doubt Asus would try to recover the data.


Thank you.


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@jxracer  @Z8_Logs 

You should add your woes to this topic as well

To Asus and all owners of a dead Zenfone 8 - ASUS - ZenTalk - 405921


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@nvubu i do think i added to that thread, however there is a generic mod that keep replying to all to give him serial # and just giving a template response.

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The OP of that thread is trying to collect a list of as many dead ZF8s as possible, it allows people to see that they are not alone.

@jxracer Yes and Mr/Mrs/Miss Falcon is a generic account that replies with meaningless drivel which doesn't help anyone. 

ASUS should be fixing ALL ZF8 that have bricked - the warranty period should be irrelevant. If they did this most people would be happy - users should be backing up so data loss should be confined to when the previous back up was.

Also, the warranty period in the UK and Europe is 2 years, whereas elsewhere it it 1 year. There is one user from Australia who used their laws to get a full refund as the phone was not fit for purpose.

It is pathetic @Falcon_ASUS 

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I have the same problem, with no solution. And I have read in other posts that the repair amount is INCREDIBLY disproportionate. What is wrong with this company Asus?

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
Please check the top right corner and kindly share the serial number and details requested in the PM inbox.
Thank you.