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Zenfone 8 died 4 months after warranty - most likely mother board issue

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I have bought the top version of the Zenfone 8 16/256 back in August 2021. On New Year 01.01.2024 phone froze, and after hard reset, it didn't turn on again, and no life can be seen, no charge light, no hard reset, nothing 😞 So phone died 4 months after warranty ended 😞

MFD: 2021.04

Had a quick chat with CS on the diagnostics and possible cost of mother board and, the cost would reach up to 700 EUR 😮

Am I at fault that i trusted Asus with their phones? And now i have really expensive brick?

Can the phone be fixed somehow? Can Asus help, if this is related to faulty motherboards (or solder on it)?

Or Asus can only help me with the 700EUR receipt (a price of a brand new phone almost ;( )


good for you 😉 the lucky ones would encounter this problem under warranty with no questions asked... big corporations don;t care about small folks problems if something is out of warranty and they don't accept that the mother board issue is on their side...

This siuation shows the modern era flagship phones - no spare parts, no schematics, no repair... No external card slot so you are only limited to storage space of the phone (pay extra for 256, 512, etc) or pay for cloud storage to Google...

Now i think that i got robbed of those 60-70 EUR

Congratulations. You were on the good side of warranty duration. I myself like many others are just over it with a couple of months. I read someine talking here on Zentalk about a class action. When Asus does not act on all those died ZF's and just holds on to their warranty even when it is clear there is something wrong with the design or components of this phone, maybe this matter should be taken outside Zentalk. Asus clearly knows, but doesn't give a dams about customer service it seems. Simply uses warranty as a measure, where I'm almost sure this won't hold legally. From a premium consumer product at a premium price one may expect a longer lifetime then just the two years warranty. When this is not the case because of an faulty product Asus night held be responsible, no matter warranty. Zentalk might not be the right platform to bring this to a broader public, but which is?

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I agree, I was extremely fortunate that I was within the 2 year period. Does my 2 year period start again from now, or does the warranty still run out in June 2024?

I knew nothing about this issue when I bought the phone in 2022 - but from now reading about it, it seems to have been known about before then.

I think that ASUS should fix this issue if/when it occurs, and that there needs to be a longer cut-off period, say 4 years.

If would be interesting to know what percentage of phones it has occurred in.


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So there was a major breakthrough with my phone. And long story short, follow the steps mentioned by Falcon which you will get from him via PM. Later you should get contacted by Asus Support with who you should be able to have a dialogue with next steps and possibile solution to the problem.

And if you get some other message from the department fixing the phone, replay back to Asus Support if this is the correct and final (as there might by small misalignement with automated emails from the fixing unit)

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My phone died too after a factory reset. Won't turn on. 

Serial number: M5AIB760J793PRB