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Zenfone 8 battery drain

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Hi! I have a problem with battery drain by "Others". I think the problem startered with the latest update 33.0210.0210.332.Usually I use System mode - Durable. Did twice factory reset and did not help. If Zenfone 8 will get a new firmware soon or some software update? I dont know if i have to wait or shall I complain my phone to battery problem. I attached screenshot about battery usage. Thanks in advance for feedback!


The screenshot provided does not tell that. The only thing you can tell is that the phone has been on for 1 day and 21 hours. Not that is has been used. From what I can tell it is a horrible performance, because I can't see where his battery usage of 76% went to with just a couple of hours browsing, some online banking and some other light use. Your explanation of the use of others is just an assumption. Rather explain what these heavy other use is and why I for myself do not experience this drain to others on my other phones, only on my Zenfone. I just looked at my own use from 80% to 42% in 1 day and 9 hours. With two top ups to roughly 65% in between to keep the Zenfone going thru the day. Use of others is 34%. That is nothing else then a drain. With screen on and light use the battery drops 12%-15% per hour. On my other phone max 5%-6%. The Zenfone is known for eating battery, but it got worse since the last 332 build. Please address this issue with your development instead of putting it on normal energy consumption. When I use the Zenfone 'normal', it doesn't last for 12 hours and I might be glad if about three hours of that is real use, the rest idle. My current other phone, a Xiaomi goes for two days, normal use. When in idle it goes for four to five days. Asus simply did a bad job on their software and in conbination with the Snapdragon 888. But still the last build needs improvement. Battery consumption went thru the roof with that one. 

Hello @keren_ASUS 

The battery problem started with the last FW update (332). The previous one did not have this issue. My question was: is there any chance that Zenfone 8 will get a new FW or software update soon?

Thank you!

Hello @Miki1 I will forward your comments to our team members. 


However, in order to try and improve your power management, please try to:


1. Go to Settings > Battery and review the auto-start manager. We suggest only allowing apps that truly require auto-start.
2. Enable Background app management in Settings > Battery.
3. Turn on Detect battery-draining apps in Settings > Battery, and also enable the option to automatically stop battery-draining apps once detected.
4. Review apps & notifications and grant notification permissions to necessary apps.
5. If you have any unused SIM cards, please remove them.


Thank you! 


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I honestly wouldn't worry about it. Your ZenFone 8 will in all odds die soon enough anyways. Start saving for a new phone now 🙂