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ZenFone 8 alternatives.

Star III
I was was of the unfortunate ones who had the rampdump problem. Sent the phone off for repair, but when it came back, the proximity sensor wasn't working. After quite a bit of waiting, and faffing about, I was lucky enough to get a refund.
Then I was faced with another problem, what phone can I buy? The only 2 phones at the time was the Pixel 5, and Galaxy S21. I think both phones are way overpriced, and couldn't justify £599/£769. I really didn't want to go back to a big phone, so I actually settled for a Pixel 4a (£300 at the time).
You know what, I've been very happy with the phone, while obviously not as powerful as the ZenFone 8, it's certainly a great phone. The phone just works, no problems whatsoever, the single camera is actually very good (especially at night), battery is far better than the ZenFone 8, and the size is great.
It got Android 12 straight away, and like I said, everything just works, and works well. I was a bit worried about the speakers, and going back to 60hz, but I was pleasantly surprised at just how good the stereo speakers sounded. They are not as good as the speakers on the ZenFone, but they are decent. Even though the screen is 60hz, the phone is very smooth, and the downgrade wasn't as bad as I thought.
If they have any in stock, Argos currently have this phone for £250, which I think is a good price. I think this phone is a great little phone that will do a lot of people until either Asus sort out the rampdump issue, or another company bring out a flagship compact phone at a good price.
I was hoping the Pixel 6 would be the phone for me, but too big, and just don't like it. The only phone I'm keeping my eye on at the moment is the Galaxy S22, but I can see that being way overpriced.
Do any of you have any good ZenFone 8 alternatives?


Star III
Flagship that size + headphone jack = impossible 😄