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Will there be any options to customize android 12 ui in the future?

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This update and UI is a disaster. I bought elegant looking phone and now it looks like toy. Huge rounded buttons are disgusting, and lack of choice is a disrespect. (There are some problems with dark mode in apps also).
Will we have a choice to stay with previous look or at least edit the current one to our needs?


Star II
I certainly hope so, or my next phone will not be Asus...

At minimal, we should be able to choose our own accent colour and not be limited by 8 non vibrant pastels (realistically 4, since 4 we just slightly different shades of the same colour).

As far as the notification tray icons, that's more Google to blame. Still, other manufacturers have the option for smaller icons, removal of text labels etc.

Current options are non competitive and non innovative.

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Totally agree! Android 11 was a magnitude better in design. It looks Google fault I think.
One of the most annoying changes are these huge empty areas at the top of each settings page - the heading starts from the middle of the screen. That's a huge waste of valuable space.
There are lot of other glitches/mistakes in design here and there. The ASUS apps also have them. Just set one step larger fonts (normal size fonts are too small, at least for me)
Off-topic PS:
Looks the whole world is transitioning to this minimalistic dumb style design - for example notice Windows 10 to 11 design changes.

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