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Add support for other (contacts) accounts for Twin apps

Star I
As I understand right now Twin apps can only access contacts if one is able to add a Google account through the Twin Apps "three-dot" menu. Unfortunately, I'm probably one of the many users that have 5+ accounts with contacts (Outlook for work, Outlook for School, Etesync for encryption friendly contacts, Dav5x, etc etc).
Assuming one can merge all contacts into one giant list and upload such list to a single Google account, and keep it up to date is pretty close to impossible. Having your job work with anything other than Google already makes any of your Twin messaging Apps useless.
Would it be possible to add support for either sharing contacts with TwinApps like Samsung and Oneplus have implemented or otherwise be able to add any type of account like one is able to under "Settings->Accounts"?

Rising Star II
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