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Wifi and hotspot can't turn on after A13 update And latest security update

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Hi Asus team...
I have a problem can't turn on wifi and hotspot, it doesn't work at all
It all started after I updated Android 13 and the latest security update, suddenly when I opened the WhatsApp chat application my phone died and when I turned on, wifi and the hotspot couldn't connect.

I've tried the FAQ to troubleshoot this wifi, And have also done a factory reset, But that didn't work it still won't turn on

This is very important because for me to work, and I went to the service center where I was placed, the costs Repair were very expensive, like a new phone, I bought a Zenfone 8 for long term needs, But what I got was a problem even though I had only used it for more than a year, it was very difficult to pay for repairs...

my Zenfone 8 warranty period has expired, can I get an additional warranty?

I attached the screenshot, thank you.


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I have exactly the same problem as Hildaaa (and many others I can see from the other posts). Have the ASUS team found a solution to help us about this Android 13 vs wifi/hotspot problem? -Best regards.

I've downgraded to a12 until all data is lost but it doesn't work, WiFi and hotspot still don't turn on

Turn off auto update and let us know if still happening since I have the same issue with my asus Zenfone 8 flip.

so yours has been resolved or not?