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Why Zenfone was my first... and last phone?

Star III

At first, I really loved zenfone 8 - true mini size phone with good specs.

Then with some software update you guys at asus broke mobileid. I reported in forums no one give a s**t to fix it. 

Its very unsecure to use it without seeing security code (BTW to write on forum that oh sure sure that is problem with your network provider/sim card, but not asus fault was soooo dilettante: I tried sim card with another phone and all worked fine).

Ant then last nail to coffin was when you (remember, you yourself asus) promised to unlock bootloader, but still that never happened.

And now, what I got? Phone, which is not secure and I myself cant load another custom ROM, because you still keepin locked bootloader. What a brick now in a drawer.

So, you can p*ss on me and to say than is rain... but remember - only once. So thats why its my first and last phone (or perhaps any other product) from asus.

if you wanna respect (with they money) from people - remember to respect them with (your) promises.