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why does my Zenfone 8 hotspot NOT give internet to connected devices

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Devices, e.g. Windows 11 laptop, can connect to my Zenfone 8 hotspot but no internet data can be accessed.
Running WW_31.1010.0411.160
Security: WPA2-Personal
Type of Wi-Fi hotspot: Wi-Fi 6 (2.4GHz or 5GHz)

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Got the same issue with a Windows 10 laptop. I fixed it by forgetting the Zenfone 8 hotspot and re-entering the password. I still don't know if the problem was caused by Windows or Asus.

Hi @db34803
Please try what fellow forum member suggested, on all of your devices forget your hotspot network first and re-enter the password. Also, can you let me know if you're on AT&T? Because some plans on this provider don't allow for hotspot.

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Thanks to both Keren_ASUS and Iceman11 for the suggestions provided. I have tried forgetting the hotspot Wi-Fi network on the laptop and then "rediscovering it" and re-entering the password. It did not work.
Our cellular service provider is Consumer Cellular (piggy-backing on AT&T). I checked with them to make sure that the provision for running a hotspot on our account was turned on. Still unable to provide internet access to the Windows 11 laptop via the hotspot on my ASUS Zenfone 8.
Next I tried using the turning on the hotspot on my wife's Pixel 6 Pro (uses same Consumer Cellular account for data). The Pixel 6 Pro hotspot provided a fully functional Wi-Fi connection to the internet for the Windows 11 laptop.
The issue clearly seems to be with the ASUS Zenfone 8 hotspot functionality. Any other suggestions/solutions welcomed.

Did you end up finding a solution to this problem?

It has been making me crazy since getting this phone