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Where Are Firmware Updates; Where is Bootloader Unlock?

Rising Star II

I was browsing the forums and under the release notes, I see this page: 

Looks like they are still releasing firmware for ZenFone 7 -- attempting to get them up to a a certain date. This one has a release date of 2023.10.18 and says it patches security up to 2023.08.01.

If ASUS is still working on older, unsupported phones, then does this mean there will be further updates on Zenfone 8? Where are the firmwares for Zenfone 8 at? Why are they not available? 

Lastly, can someone tell us what the actual hold up is with the release of the Bootloader unlock apk? I don't want a form letter answer; I read about security and compliance -- my question is compliance with what? If you're needing to come into compliance with oppressive government regulations (like Chinese Communist Party) can you just split the release into multiple versions? Maybe release a Worldwide apk except for those censorious nations, or even a separate release for North America, Australia, Great Britain, and the like? What is the actual, technical hold up?


Edit: Also find it very, very odd that the product showcase page "product story" in the header menu stops at, and only exclusively advertises ZenFone 6... how very odd! Is it like ASUS stopped trying after that?


Rising Star II

Found a possible firmware archive old and newer: 

ASUS if there really is some sort of critical security issue and you're not just making excuses for slow and shoddy work, then you have an obligation, a duty to disclose -- as people are collecting and still using your insecure firmware even if you pulled it from your site. Not disclosing the security flaw or issue at this point is extremely irresponsible at the best and grossly negligent at the worst (if there actually is one).

Everyone else, on other models of phones people claim downgrading to the betas using RAW firmware has allowed them to root/unlock through various methods. My assumption is that those methods have been patched as they are old claims that I found so I can't vouch for it. But I've already downgraded to A12 attempting. May try A11 just for the hell of it.

ASUS we can almost see the logic in the analysis of your firmware headers and methods. Can we get an ASUS engineer to just tell us how to manually perform the unlock ourselves? What is the "ASUS-MAGIC-NUM!!" ? what is asuskey.bin ? I'm sure it would be difficult enough to dissuade the average user from unlocking if you gave us the technicals. And you're not putting out OTA firmware updates anymore for the older phones so I doubt anyone is concerned about that... so what do you say? Maybe someone like an engineer inside ASUS wants to leak cooperate? See here and here to help everyone out.

Rising Star II


Android Authority is a decently reputable publication imho. Let's hope the bad publicity spreads until there's enough pressure on ASUS they get their house in order and re-release the apk.

Also, I'm pretty sure they just had a shareholder's meeting. Maybe we need to let the shareholders know that many many users are not happy and are swearing off future purchases.... more info on shareholder meeting below: 

Star III

Still nothing from Asus – I wrote Lineage OS to remove the Asus phones from their official support list. ...

People with a bootloader already unlocked are still able to install Lineage so I wouldn't necessarily remove it.