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URGENT RECCOMENDED FIX: please change upper speaker's behaviour when playing vocals from apps

Star III
MODEL:Zenfone 8 256/16

please make an update in order to avoid notifications' sound coming out at max volume from the upper speaker when playing voice messages from apps like telegram and whatsapp. I'm almost going deaf from playing voice messages from the top speaker near my ear and receiving notifications at random intervals at the same time. Removing notifications' sound or selecting "do not disturb" mode is not a solution, i don't want to deactivate notifications' audio everytime i need to listen to a voice message, other smartphones with stereo speakers absolutely do not Behave like this. i need to listen to my voice messages with the smartphone near my ear without deactivating/lowering notifications' volume and without losing my hearing 😂

Star III
Problem not solved with today's OTA update. Would be enough if you just could say that problem has been taken in consideration and you'll fix it with next OTA update.

Zen Master I
Hi @Kleshar,
We'll take a look at this.
Thank you!

Star III
Problem fixed with .115 👌