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Upgrading to Android 13, broke some bluetooth apps, any solution?

Star I
Two apps (EliteHRV & HRV4Training) that connect to a Polar H10 chest HRM strap, find the strap, but fail to get data. Whoop strap: similarly the phone finds the strap but fails to pair. Oura ring: connects and syncs data fine Scanwatch: connects and syncs fine Maybe it's BLE related or something, I can't figure out. I resetted Bluetooth, many reboots, changed the battery optimization of the Bluetooth system app. Reinstalled the problematic apps. No luck so far.

The Whoop issue seems to be tied to the Android 13 OS. Since this has affected multiple manufacturer's devices I think this is an issue Asus has to address. I also have a OnePlus that was having the same issue and it was fixed by OnePlus issuing an update to their Oxygen OS. I have been talking to Whoop and their recommendation to everyone was to contact their phone manufacturer for a fix. I have the ROG Phone 7 Ultimate and if I go to settings/connected devices, I can get the phone to connect to the strap but the Whoop app will not connect to the strap so I don't necessarily think it is a BLE issue otherwise the phone wouldn't see the strap at all.