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Super Reliable Fingerprint Unlock Hack!

Star III
Hey guys. I know Asus messed up with the .113 update. But at least I discovered something good and I challenge you guys to confirm it.
We all know the Zenfone doesn't have the best figerprint sensor. Especially for me coming from Moto 20 Edge Pro (side mounted FP) where the slightest touch unlocks the screen.
Going back to the hack... During FP registration, turn the phone UPSIDE DOWN and proceed to scan your preferred finger.
Of course when unlocking, the phone should be the right side up. Hahaha.
Please report/comment your experience here with my hack. It actually worked for me REALLY well. I even have the Invisible Shield silicon screen protector.

Star I
It works for me, thank you. I have the Rhinoshield screen protector installed even. I deleted my prints and registered them upside down and again right side up. Now unlocks happen so fast the ring doesn't always appear. I still have the occasional problem and have to try again but faster and more reliable overall!

Rising Star II
Yes, same here: faster and more reliable with new screen protector than in the past. Clear improvement under this scenario. With a bare screen, however, I am not sure I noticed any improvement (my fingerprint scanner worked very well as of late). Thanks for the great tip!

Star II
I use a soft hydrogel protector. I have deleted the old prints and put new ones (normal and upside down). I can now also notice an improvement. Not very fast, and maybe 80% accurate, but that is better than before. Still terrible compared to other older phones I had, though.

Rising Star II
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