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Strange behaviour when apps have to gain access on internal storage

Star I
Hi all,
Since I'm using this device I've noticed some strange behaviour on some of my installed apps:
my security camera app crashes at startup with a null pointer exception while attempting to get the absolute path to a NULL-referenced File object (while seems to work fine on other Android smarphones)
the GMail app fails downloading email attachments (curiously this happens only on my account, I have another IMAP account and there the download works fine)
my password manager app is failing setting the backup folder stating that "I should select a folder on my internal memory and not on the SD card" even if selecing from internal memory (there is no SD card support on this device)
Anyone has notices something similar or are these only coincidences? I'm not an android developer but I suspect that there are some (possibly permission-related) issues when dealing with file management APIs. Maybe a strage setting on my end?
Btw this seems to happen with Android 11 and continues to happen after updating to Android 12..