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Sept 15th 2022 Android 12 Patch killed mobile data

Star III
I'd finally gotten Android 12 to the point where it was nearly stable and livable, and then the security patch yesterday completely hosed mobile data. WiFi still works. I've tried most of the tricks - restarting, resetting the network , resetting the entire phone, no joy. Anyone else fighting this? Any suggestions?

Star III
The same thing happened to me after this update. I'm also on an AT&T-based MVNO. I'll call support tomorrow and complain.

Star II
Great to hear that I'm not alone in the AT&T + Straight Talk situation. Let's hope ASUS addresses this quickly!

Rising Star I
I'm confused. Are we talking about a faulty security patch dated 15-SEP as in the title of this thread and reported by the OP, or a broken firmware update WW-31.1010.0411.122 dated 07-SEP as reported by mkarson86?
For me the FW update has installed glitch free; I still await the security patch (and am still hoping not to get it).

Star I
WW-31.1010.0411.122 from 07-SEP Contains the updated Android security patch to 2022-08-05. That's the latest security patch available for the Zenphone 8. Version WW-31.1010.0411.113 from 04-AUG also contains the updated Android security patch to 2022-08-05.
My phone never got the update from 04-AUG, and was on the WW-31.1010.0410.72 version, which has the 2022-04-05 Android security patch.
It's unclear whether it's the firmware update or the security patch that is causing the issue since, at least in my case, both were applied at the same time. However, there doesn't seem to be a problem for other devices with the security patch to 2022-08-05 (based on browsing the web, I don't personally have another device with that security patch), and this thread was created after the 07-SEP firmware was released.

Can anyone with the WW-31.1010.0410.72 (04-AUG) version or another device that got the security patch to 2022-08-05 confirm whether AT&T MVNOs are working?

Star III
My problem is with regards to the WW-31.1010.0411.122 update, and I'm also on AT&T. I couldn't find any information relating to problems with the security patch from August, thus my post, so it might well be the other updates bundled with the .122 firmware that installed over the air on 2022-15-09.