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Roaming USA + VoWifi at Home

Rising Star I

Zenfone 8 with newest firmware version 33.0210.0210.326, not rooted.

In the network of my home carrier H3G_AT (3 Austria) i can use VoLTE but when i'm roaming for example in the USA it's never working! My home carrier told me that everything is turned on on their side and that it might be a phone issue. It's unbelievable that after 2.5 years there are still no working regular phone calls possible when i'm roaming in a different country (that turned off their 2G and 3G networks)!

Second issue is that VoWifi is not available with my home carrier. How is that possible?

Thanks for your help!


Star II

It's been that way since the first zenfone came out in the USA. They are not certified for vowifi.

Rising Star I

For me the big problem is that i can't use regular phone calls in the USA because VoLTE is not working.

VoWifi in my home carrier in Austria is only working when i use this inofficial code to activate it which only works until the next reboot. In the past it was the same issue with VoLTE in Austria. It only worked with this code and it took Asus one year to officially support VoLTE in Austria. Now the big problem is when i'm roaming in the USA for example because also this code is not working there for me. It's extremely frustrating to have phone that doesn't support regular phone calls when i'm abroad!