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Ringtone and Media volume control

Rising Star I
It is excruciating that the Ringtone and Media vilume are treated identically.
(Settings - Sound & Vibration)
Typically (even usually?) one would want Ringtone volume to be maintained at some koderately high level with occasional revison, while the ideal Media volume will depend dynamically and frequently on circumstance, environment and for that matter the input material.
I have missed calls through the Ringtone volume inheriting and maintaining a Quiet level appropriate to some tune or other.
This is not the case on e.g. a Nokia X10 running Android 12 or for that matter on many (or any) earlier devices that I have used. I deduce that it arises from the several tweaks to look'n'feel (many of them desirable and helpful) that Asus have layered on to Android 12.
Q1. Can this be over-ridden?
Q2. What is the pathway to let Asus know of this, query its utility, and maybe achieve a reversion to conventional practice in a future update?

Rising Star I
Have you tried changing the option that is literally named "Volume syncing" in the Sound & vibration menu?
The one with the description "Sync the volume of ringtone, notification and media"?
I marked it for you in the screenshot below:

Rising Star I
I don't know how I missed this completely obvious reversion (and I have no memory of setting the sync that was upsetting me so much - maybe just an accidental key press).
Thank you.

Rising Star II
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