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proximity sensor test

Star III
Since my previous post was closed without answering my question on how to reset the proximity sensor, I created a new thread.
I was forced to answer the question myself. Same as downloading the update to android 12 and following this forum all the time to be up to date with information when we stop being testers of this phone. If I hadn't checked the information on this forum, I still wouldn't know about the update to 12 and randup problem.
So far, I have been buying cheaper phones from other companies and there were not as many problems with them as with Zenfone 8 (600 Euro!!!)
To the point. If we want to check the proximity sensor (or other sensors) we have to open the calculator and enter in it:
,12345+ then press =
Then we look for our sensor or another topic and select a single test. We follow the instructions.
So far, after taking this test (sensor is working OK), I have stopped pressing everything on the screen with my cheek during phone calls.
Best regards to (not)helpful admins.

Rising Star II
Ty a lot for this. 🙏👍🍻

Star III
After the .92 update, the problem has returned. The proximity sensor works, but the screen does't lock during calls and I press everything on the screen with my cheek.
One more problem after the last update, system has started to react differently, is freezing.

Star III
I have this problem too,once it works good and once not good.I do not understand that.

Rising Star I
same problem when calling on ear!! activating flight mode during calls, qr-reader (which means camera!), flashlight.. everything is possible and it really gets on my nerves!! there must be something wrong with the programming of the proximity sensor!! if you won't fix that soon i'll throw it through the window!
btw i guess it's the same or a similar problem with the ghost touches in the pocket when the phone is actually locked! the quick settings are still accessible and it activates the same stuff as it does during calls!
fix it finally!!