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Help, I have a zenphone 8 and it's overheating even when you are doing simple task like surfing the net and browsing fb. It is formatted and updated to its latest vesion Hoping to fix this problem soon.



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I don't know but to me it seems like there's some sort of software issue with regards to heat. In most situations I'm fine but sometimes the phone warms up while doing nothing. There needs to be some further optimization for this phone

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V30 could do 4k 60 with EIS?

And the soc power difference is one another thing (5nm 888 vs 10nm 835)

For example a snapdragon 600 series soc will give you more sot, not heat much but as it's an entry level soc based on older nm the perf and features won't be anywhere near 888

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Yes it can with modded stock firmware that unlocks some things like UHD recording at 60fps. I don't think its stable 60fps but at least its not turning into thermonuclear reactor when recording like zf8

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Today I had another warming up issue. It was idling yet very warm. Never had an overheating warning but the battery was discharging at a faster rate than normal. Please look into this ASUS

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Since yesterday i have the same problem. Simple actions and phone getting hot. Normal using, not gaming, air temperature 23 celsius, CPU temperature 41 and no sun. Really? Im little frustrated, phone is not cheap and flagship this is not normal. Of course battery is draining fast too. How many of these suprise is going to be in future? I hope no more, and I hope Asus quickly fix this. Sad truth of this phone has unfinished software.

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My Zenfone 8 is overheating even when browsing the internet or updating the apps at normal room temperatures (23 - 24° C). Filming at 4k 60 fps for more than 5 or 6 minutes is out of the question as well, because the phone quickly becomes hot like an oven. It badly needs an update to fix this, because it is fixable. Otherwise, I am thinking of returning the phone.