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'When Unanswered' forwarding not working properly

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Seems like last thread was closed, issue persists even on latest fw updates.
'When Unanswered' Call Forwarding setting has the option to set the delay (in seconds) after which the call is forwarded.
It's a nice option, the problem is that when you activate it and set the preferred delay, forwarding gets activated with a delay of 0 seconds (or at least it's displayed like that). In reality, phone rings for about 2 seconds then it forwards (even if for example you set it for 25 seconds).
Only fix is to enter once more and update the timer. Double work. Don't think it should work like that.
Tested on all firmwares (including last one) on SIM 2

Operator is Orange on both slots. Sim 1 is a prepaid card, Sim 2 is on contract.
Forward number is not of the Sim 1. As mentioned, it saves the forward number but not the delay. So it is syncing, but not with both settings (number + delay) in one update command.
Video attached. Might be a rare noticed bug because people don't activate the function too often. I do it daily.

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@poke.ike3 Thanks for letting us know! I'll pass it on to the team.

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@poke.ike3 This should hopefully be fixed in the next FOTA. Thanks for reporting. 🙂