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Notification light issues

Rising Star II
hey asus team.
Can you please forward a bug to your firmware developers.
Ive noticed that the notification light doesn't work correctly with the standard sms app messages.
So for example when someone sends me a sms/mms the notification light does not blink.
However I receive a sms from say regarding a authentication code the light blinks.
So can you please have this fixed so that the light works for all sms/mms messages.
Also for example with the whatsapp application the light doesnt blink if you have notification tone set to silent. As soon as you change it to a tone, the light works.

So it seems your firmware isn't setup correctly for the notification light to work. I never had a issue with my 4 year old sony xperia xz1 compact and the notification light.

Also when are you going to implement VOLTE for Telstra in Australia. They will be switching their 3G network off for in a couple of years for voice calls.