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New Update .115

Rising Star II
New Update just rolled out. How is it for everybody?


Star I
ZF8 battery management is problem.
the unit also getting hot fast.

Star II
The vibration when someone calls you is not that noticable as before.
It doesnt help to restart phone, some firmware issue

Rising Star II

Hi @Elmir,

In regards of your battery drain, please try the following;

1.Charge your device to 100% on your usual mode, and then check in the morning the battery level.

2. Try the same the following day before going to bed charge your device to 100% and then set it to flight mode, then check in the morning battery level.

 This way we can compare and check performance of your battery consumption

3.Also can you confirm which configuration you have? Is it 8/128 or 8/256 or 16/256?


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Hi @Irene2_ASUS
I was on vacation and couldn't get these stats, but I am back now and will try to do what you asked me to in the coming 2 days
Answering 3) I have 8/128 model

Zen Master III
What a nightmare of a phone I feel for you brothers

Zen Master III

Hi All,

Just purchased a ZenFone 8 and noticed that the security patch software is still the March 2021 and version. The update states that this is the latest version as at today 16 September 2021. Has anyone got updates later than the March version above. If so how did you get the latest version?

Or is there an issue/problem with my phone updating to the latest software?

Thanks for your help.


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Get used to it brother Asus do not pass on security patch,s until the app turns red ,then it's still a battle