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Gmail Auto-Sync randomly turns off

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I've searched the forum for any solution to this, and I just don't see anything that applies. I don't play games on my Zenfone 8, and I've turned off all battery optimizations. I do have tasker installed but don't have any profiles or actions set yet. There's really nothing else that I can think of that will turn off Gmail's auto-sync, but every time I turn on Auto-Sync, it works for a while and then is turned off again at random intervals. It's driving me mad. Does anyone know of a cause/solutions?

Software is all up to date, phone is not rooted.

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@thienman Disable 'Background app management' and make sure Gmail is not prevented in the Auto-start manager.

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@jakislogin2 Power saving mode is set to turn on at 5% and this happens even when the batter is nowhere near that. But thanks for the suggestion. I'll try uninstalling Tasker, just in case, since it's not being used anyway.
@Gustav_ASUS Thanks for your suggestion. Background app management is off and Gmail is checked/enabled for Auto-start. Thanks for your reply.