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zenfone 6 won't turn on but the charge light is on?

Star I

I went to sleep and put my phone on the charger, woke up and checked the time on my phone. In front of my own eyes the screen just goes black and it won't turn on anymore. Charge light is on and stays on for a while when I unplug it

I read a couple of things online so I will tell what I've tried:

Volume up + power = nothing happens

Volume down + power= LED light blinks at 10 seconds, turns off at 15 seconds, turns back on at 30 seconds.

Volume down + volume up + power= turns off the led light.

I heard people said theirs just randomly started working after leaving it for a bit, I left mine for literal months so I don't think that's the solution.

And for those who are wondering I literally won this product from Asus themselves so there's nowhere to "return it" to. Going through customer support and they just tell me im passed warranty.


Star I

I have same issue with my Asus6z. Tried another battery and its not working..

Tried all combination of power & volume button, Nothing works.

When plugging to charge, Red LED turns ON for few seconds then it turns off.

Now given to repair centre for SW reflashing. Let's see how it goes...