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New firmware today

Rising Star II
Volume control changrs + security patch.


Rising Star I
Sounds like a bug with the new volume control. Can anyone confirm?
Translation to English
I confirm and that I got at home in Poland. There is an error (for me) with the volume. After completely muting the sound and clicking on + we do not have a ton higher but immediately a few more 😞 You have to turn it down every time after it turns up loud. Asus correct it... I changed the volume control mode to classic and it is ok. Asus version does not work properly.

Hi everyone!
Thank you for letting us know about this. I will contact you once I hear back from the team.

Star III
Translation is a bit rough but from what I understand the problem is the volume gets too loud after turning off silent mode?
I'm also on this Asus Volume but coming from silent mode normally reverts to my previous volume level.
I also appreciate that this time you cannot accidentally turn off silent mode with the + volume button. You would have to click that "bell" icon to exit silent mode.

Rising Star I
There is a bug (with me) with the volume. After muting the sound completely and clicking on +, we do not have a tone higher, but a few more immediately: (You have to turn it down each time you turn up the volume.

Star I
I normally download firmwares from Asus website but I cant seem to find a new one. Weird!