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new bug discovered: Phone dialer bugged

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Premise for all folks: about a month ago, I said that I was going to get rid of this crappy smartphone after all software hell i've been through (and it's still going on lol). The intention is to get rid of this pile of crap ASAP but I have to wait for a very important phone which has the "6" in its name to be sold in my country.

Now, about the real topic: I've just been victim of another critical bug (omg really?) that made me loose one of the most important calls of my life this morning (thank you Asus, i would like also to thank your interns for the great software development and for ruining my week👍). 
This is how things went: They tried to call me. I was already sitting on a chair, waiting to receive this call. When the phone started to ring, I swiped to accept the call and the Phone did not open the call: the call-ring resetted itself in the center after staying for a few seconds on the "accept call" icon (the green symbol) and the phone kept on ringing. I've tried continously to accept the call and it has never worked: the phone kept on ringing and the call-ring kept on resetting itself everytime in the centre between "accept" and "refuse" options. In the end, after lot of attempts, I've even tried to refuse the call and it didn't work either, the phone was still ringing 😂😂😂 Now what should I do Asus if i won't receive this call again? You'll get that important call for me? LOL 
I don't know what to say anymore about this disaster 🤷‍:male_sign:
What's the purpose of having this bugphone if it can't even fulfill its simple tasks as a PHONE?
I was wrong: i don't want to sell this phone anymore, i don't want to ruin another person's life. This brick should be thrown inside Mount Doom.

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Hopefully, by the time 6 is available at your country, they start to punch single camera holes 😉


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Man, that's just a defective device: it came wrong out of the factory, nothing else. You can return it, ask them to replace it you with a new one and do lot of other stuff. With Zenfone 8 we're talking about a device which has been riddled with bugs and other problems related to bad software management since D1 making it half usable for advanced users . Bad software management = nothing you'll ever find on a real flagship phone. 
Tell me what's the point of having spent 830€ , having a 888 with 16 gigs of ram and can't even answer to a phone call.

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You are right. There is no point. Why didn't you return it just as you would do with a faulty Pixel?

My point is, Zenfone is no different than Pixel, Oneplus, Samsung or any other device or even any other commodity for that matter. You don't like it? Return it.

I, for one, don't buy Pixel phones mostly because they are not available in my country and despite living in EU any warranty claims or return attempts are somewhat difficult. You never know what happens. I had Samsung Nexus, LG Nexus 5 and LG Nexus 5x and all these devices were repaired under the warranty.

Regarding the bug you stumbled upon. I can fully understand your frustration. I bet you were thinking about the conversation and how would it go and not being able to answer the call must have been a real shock for you in that moment. One thing that's bothering me is why did it turn into a disaster? In that situation I would, well, call them back.

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First: I did not return this device in time because I wanted to give a chance to this company, it has been my first experience with them, i wanted to give them trust believing they would have fixed all the major problems of this phone during the following months after release and after reporting all problems I've encountered. They have fixed some problems but software is not good yet, my missed call today is just an example of what I'm talking about (never missed a call before with other phones because of the software).
Second: i am reporting software problems and I've never talked about hardware malfunctions. From my point of view, hardware and software are two completely different worlds... software is what the smartphone experience is all about and you can do miracles on android if you've god-tier coders. Hardware can always malfunction, you just use your warranty to get it back. I cannot accept the fact to live with these kind of bugs on a 830€ Zenfone 8 even after months from the original date of purchase of this phone.
Also, I think it's wrong trying to compare this phone to smartphones manufactured by companies like Samsung, oneplus, etc. I've been using Android devices for almost ten years and i can perfectly understand the difference between a brick riddled with heavy software problems and a great phone with minor bugs. Trust me when i say i have never had a bad experience with a flagship phone : this is my very first time and i must only give my thanks to Zenfone 8😅. My last smartphone experience was with a pixel 5: i regret giving it away, software was perfect. Oh and they didn't sell pixel 5 in my country : i just purchased it with Ebay like I've done with all my previous phones in the past. Can't tell you anything about my Repair/warranty experience, I've never broken a smartphone since I've started using Android phones.
Btw, I don't think you wanted to be ironic about my missed call situation but the call i have received was from a private number and it was related to my business. Missing that call was a real shock, Trust me👌. And i couldn't call it back, of course, being a private number.
The point is that an angry customer like me is still beta-testing this phone, reporting minor/heavy problems hoping that you guys who'll stick with this phone will get bugs fixed and a decent user experience someday.
Peace out.