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It's May yet there are no signs of Monet theme engine + various other flaws.

Star II
What's the current status of Monet for our Asus devices? This includes the flip and Rog phones as well. Monet went open source back in March. The mods keep ending discussions before providing a decent answer. Atleast let us know if Asus is going to deliver it in a couple of months or are planning on skipping it altogether. Even the wallpaper picker is the one from Android 11. 2 different screenshot overlays (one from a11/asus' very own and another from stock Android 12. Why are things so unorganised?


Rising Star I
To me it looks like they basically gave up on the phone. First with the ramdump issue, now with the slow A12 updates, they probably decided that there are not enough ZF8 customers for them to care about.

Star II
They basically forcing us to unlock the bootloader to install custom roms. And as it cancels the warranty (shame on you Asus for that) they actually getting rid of us so they don't have to deal with possible repairs. First and last Asus for me.

Star II
That are definitely influencing me to not buying ASUS on my next purchase. The phone I replaced has better support at this point and its 3 years old!

Rising Star II
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