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Issues with the Zenfone 8

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So I've had this phone for about 2 months now , there are a lot of software issues that really detract from the overall experience.
Pocket proximity - I know that there were an update that was supposed to improve the pocket detection , but for me the phone consistently keeps turning on in my pocket. this causes it to lock down after multiple failed fingerprint scanner attempts (inside of my pocket), which is ANNOYING AS HELL.
Lockdown slowness - whenever the phone "locks down" (due to too many attempts at unlocking it unsuccessfully) , the phone slows down to a crawl.. when I'm trying to input my password it seems like there's a 2 second delay from the moment I touch the screen to the phone actually registering the touch. it seems to only happen when the phone has been attempted to get unlocked too many times.
Random microphone failures - sometimes when having phone calls my microphone seems to stop working and the other side can't hear me, the only way to fix this is to restart the phone.
(Hardware) overheating issues - this phone is overheating like hell.
Slow camera - the camera is slow as hell at taking and processing photos , it seems it takes the phone 3-4 seconds to process the photo after taking it.
Aggressive RAM management - I have the 16gb variant , and even with all of this RAM the phone keeps killing apps.

Overall I like the phone, but the software could be better and that's 50% of the experience.. I hope this gets fixed.

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Ghost touches are problem. But it is much better now.
Overheating is an issue. But it is physics. Small phone, power hungry SiC and camera.
I dont know about slow camera. Mine is fast, takes pictures instantly, processing takes 1/4 of a second. I can make two pictures per second.
About RAM. Did you try to disable power management for certain apps? Or all together. Used ram causes battery drain and much more people complain about battery than Ram usage.

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Yeah, this should be improved considerably compared to when you first got your device. Can you confirm that you're running the WW_30.11.51.103 firmware or higher?
If you are able to, please film your ZF8 with another device when this happens so we can get a better lock at what's going on.
This should also have been addressed with one of the earlier firmware updates. Is it happening for all calls or just the native calling app?
We've been optimizing thermal performance with the last several updates and we're still looking for ways to make it even better.
Try resetting the in-app camera settings and clear the cache of the camera app.
Double-check your battery saving settings and see if you have super clean mode turned on.
On a general note, I'd recommend you backup your personal data and perform a factory reset of your device, seeing as you are reporting multiple issues that are not happening to other users.

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The phone still getting warm after using it for more then 15 minutes...
When will this be fixed ?

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The phone still getting warm after using it for more then 15 minutes...

When will this be fixed ?

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Stop using it and problem will disappear 😉
But seriously, it is a small phone and has a power hungry chip. You can grip most of the phone due its size and much of the heat will go to a hand. You can always go to settings, battery, advanced mode, set everything on low and also set brightness on min. I bet it wont heat much after that.