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Is Zenfone 8 still worth it?

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I was a proud user of OnePlus 5 for five years untill dropped on the floor this morning and screen went black. It was a decent phone with good battery life (still was charging once a day, every two days earlier). Pure Android which means it is fast and does not slow down within years. Good size but I'd preffer smaller. Recent OnePlust (not only) phones just got bigger what push me back from this brand.

I was waiting for ZF9 but apparently support cycle is 2 years only. I preffer stock or close to stock Android and can't justify 800$ price tag for something what is half-baked and has a short support cycle.

But the ZF8 is more than 200$ cheaper compared to Zenfone 9. Not sure how long is support cycle of it but less than 600$ does not look as bad.

How is the longetivity of Zenfone 8? Is battery still keeping up after year use? Is it worth the money? Did it become slower or not? Would you buy it today? Do upgrades on ZF9 solves any significat problems ZF8 has? Thanks!