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Is there a way to whitelist apps to run (and use battery) in the background?

Star I
Hi everyone. I recently switched to a Zenfone 8, and I'm having an issue with the battery management features. Specifically the "detect battery-draining apps" option. Is there any way to whitelist apps so that they won't be detected and stopped?
At night I use a white noise app when I go to sleep, and have it on a sleep timer to run for an hour. The battery manager kills it within a few minutes if enabled.
I don't want to disable the feature entirely, because I would prefer the phone to kill other battery-draining apps, just not this one.
Is this possible or will I have to disable the feature entirely if I want to use this app?

Rising Star II
I left "detect battery-draining apps" on but configured it not too kill apps automaticly. Then configured auto-start manager and disabled "background app management" (I think that is mainly responsible for killing apps).
In my case it works much better and I stopped apps like Uber from harassing me.
Just remember to allow chosen apps to run in background (in app properties, battery section)