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Initial usage experience of Zenfone 8, particularly regarding AOD and power optimization features

Star III
Had this for a few days now. Allow me to start with some obvious positives.
Collab with DIRAC is fantastic. Sounds great on both the speakers or my bluetooth ear buds.
Battery charge limits. Probably the iPhones and Samsung tablets only with something similar. I've set 80% because I'm mostly at home, will increase to 90% when on road trip.
Smart key... I've set it to enable/disable auto-rotate. A quality-of-life improvement when browsing social media while lying sideways on a couch. Share if you found other interesting ways to use this function.
Simultaneously connect to two wifi is a novelty. I'm not sure if I would use it because of the extra power drain, but I don't know any devices out there that can do this.
Now on some quirks I've observed.
There is some delay on the update of the notification icons on AOD. The LED status light was already flashing to inform me about a new unread Whatsapp message. Without waiting for the AOD notification icons to be updated, I woke my phone and indeed there was a new message. I'm not sure if this has anything to do with the "Dynamic" battery setting I was on.
"Auto-refresh rate" mode. Turned on the refresh-rate counter via Developer Options. Fiddled with home screen and a few apps to see what fps I'm getting on those situations. I won't elaborate, but just as an example, fps was capped more restrictively on Samsung Internet than Chrome. A pity because I preferred to use the former.
On "Developer Options" >> "Running Services", I noticed the Youtube process is getting start-stopped in intervals of maybe 5-10 seconds each. This is when "Background app management" is enabled in "Battery" settings. It doesn't happen when that setting is turned off. I hope the phenomenon with this or other apps is as expected from this power optimization setting.
Less important but still stood out to me as a former Samsung phone owner.
In App List screen, "Customized" view mode can't sort apps alphabetically.
Fortunately, the one and only digital clock design for the AOD is decent. Still, I wished there were more, especially mono-toned ones. It is easier to tweak the dimness when the entire AOD graphic is of the same tone, without having certain digits fainter than the rest when applied over the black background.