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Icons shape after upgrade to Android 13

Star II


Changing icons shape dissaperd after upgrade to Android 13 on Zenfone 8.
There are only round icons  available 😞

Will it be possible to change the shape of app icons ?


Rising Star I

In the update notes it does say they remove icon shape... How did you manage to update though mine keeps failing inexplicably.

Without any problems. Phone informed me that update is available, I just had to click download and restart the phone.

Nice. Idk why my Zenfone 8 failed during a security update back in October and hasn't been able to update through system settings since.


I ended up downloading the latest A12 update, then the A13 update and installed both manually, and thankfully all things are working at the moment.


I agree with everyone here the circle icons are lame and also the limited color choices are disappointing too!

Rising Star I

icons shapes restoreed to cicle. in the update note also its mentioned