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Experience the Future of Zenfone on May 12th 2021!

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ZenFone 8 Launch Event | ASUS
Big on Performance.
Compact in Size.
Don't miss the launch event for the amazing Zenfone 8, coming to you live on May 12th! Click on the link above to add the event to your calendar.


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Yes 1 specific model having flip camera in Zenfone 8 series lineup may launch.

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Flip camera is one of the greatest things ever invented when it comes to phones. It's honestly perfect for selfie users.

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Flip camera is one of the greatest things ever invented when it comes to phones. It's honestly perfect for selfie users.

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Yes it is perfect for selfie lovers no doubt. but on top of that it is more useful in practical world of vlogging & also content creating for crazy social apps these days.
Most amazing thing i love about flip is stepper motor can manage the flipping range of module with various angles during shoots and captures manually.
I am hoping this time ASUS should leap forward in terms of flippy module by providing perfect combination of hardware & software to switch lenses during video captures just like iphones and many other OEMS with some more manual options with camera video software.
Imagine this deadly combination of lense switching just like iphones and video camera software just like xperia 1ii. And this flip camera will be the best in its class if this happens with great combination of OIS.😍
EXCITEMENT is Getting tempted day by day as launch is coming closer & now cant wait to see Zenfone 8😀.
I hope ASUS will impress audience Globally this year with this unique move of mini, pro, flip, & normal version of Zenfones.

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I also agree that the Flip camera is great. I think Asus spent money on research for this feature. I do not agree that there are people, as always, with rumors that Asus would abandon Flip. I was going to buy the Zen 7, but it took a while to update to the A11, now I will wait for the Zen 8 that comes with the 11.

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I'm a long time Asus fan, but whenever I have to buy a new phone, Asus choses not to release a Zenfone. This time, it might change though, only if Asus releases Zenfone 8 in India. I would have loved a compact phone with flipcam, but it looks like that isn't an option anymore. Still, pretty sure atleast one phone with flipcam will come. Leaks suggested the compact variants will have two cameras, but now seeing the punch-hole, things are a bit confusing. But it makes sense, and if they release this phone in the 35k-45k price bracket, it'd be a better deal than any of the phones (Oneplus 9R, Mi 11x Pro or Iqoo 7 Legendary). The flipcam was hurdle in being competitive in pricing. Still I hope, we get a Zenfone Compact Pro with flipcam.

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Hope the case isnt as smooth, think my ZF6 lasted 1 day before the slippery sucker slipped out of my hand and the glass on the back cracked. Also hoping it has 2 sim slots and 1 sdslot. And that "armor-x" makes a case for it like the ZF6.