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Dreadful call quality with Bluetooth headset

Star I
Zenfone 8 - brand new, 5 days of life
Android 12
Firmware 31.1010.0411.89
Baseband M3.13.24.64

Hello everyone, I hope you can help me.
When I use bluetooth headsets the person I'm talking to can't hear me well. They tell me my voice is robotic and has an echo. For this reason I can't do long calls, beacause their poor quality is very annoying for the others. On the other hand I can hear them perfectly, no issues by my side.
I tried with my Huawei Freebuds 3 and with Apple earpods, but it's the same.
Generally speaking, this phone call quality isn't very good, but still tolerable.
Instead the calls made via Bluetooth headsets are terribile.
Do you have any suggestions? Anything that can help me? Did some of you have the same issues?
Thank you in advance.

Rising Star II
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