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Official screen repair

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Hi all
My Zenfone 8 screen is broken and needs to be replaced after a fall. The phone is still under warranty so I was wondering if anyone had this fixed already and knows how much does the repair through Asus USA cost because the customer service representative didn't tell arguing that it needs evaluation from the repair technician. I assume that a screen broken due to a fall is not covered by the warranty (maybe only the costs of sending it in).
This process sucks because you need to send it in first for an evaluation and then you get the estimate and you get to say if you want it fixed or not. I was wondering if I could know the estimated cost before sending it in. I understand that it needs a proper evaluation to see what's broken and what not, but a ballpark estimate would help make the decision.

Hi @javiermon
Unfortunately the only way to get an estimate is to send it to one of the official Asus service centers. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Thank you!

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Ok, let's image the only part that needs replacement is the screen. What's the cost of that repair?

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