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Downgrade Android 13 to Android 12

Rising Star I

Model Name: ZenFone 8
Firmware Version: WW_33.0210.0210.210 (TKQ1.220807.001.33.0210.0210.210)
Rooted or not: No

I would like to downgrade my ZenFone 8 to Android 12. I downloaded the firmware from the support webpage. I put the file in internal memory (root directory). I also removed the Google account.

Unfortunately, no pop up message about the update appeared. I have restarted the phone, but the downgrade firmware is still not detected. The AppUpdateService and SystemUpdateService services are running in the background.

How can I initiate the downgrade procedure?


Accepted Solutions

Rising Star I

Dzięki @kaczkrzysiek. In the end I didn't use this method, but this a very useful tip.

The firmware package was not detected, when I uploaded it from PC using USB cable. I came up with an idea to download the firmware using Android web browser and move it to the root directory. It wasn't detected at first, but after reboot it was finally detected and I could downgrade back to Android 12. I don't know why the ZIP file uploaded from PC to the same location was not detected.


  • After downgrade, when the phone is initialized after factory reset, don't connect it to Wifi of mobile data. Skip the connection steps and first go to Settings > System > System update. Disable automatic system updates and then connect to the Internet. Otherwise it will immediately start to download upgrade to Android 13 and it can't be stopped or disabled.
  • If it starts downloading the update, turn off the phone and start it in the Recover mode (Vol Up + Power button). From there a factory reset can be initialized which will wipe all the data and settings.

@victornymbergWifi was working fine. I had trouble with Bluetooth.

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Star I

I have the same question. 

If you dont mind me asking. Do you have issues with Android 13? My Wifi stopped working and cant be turned on

This WI-FI issue is a common problem with Zenfone 8. I have this problem too and it's not yet fixed. I got the problem ever since the update of Android 13.

If you havent, you should maybe try downgrading to 12. This have been confirmed working for some, others not. I tried this, and other stuff without success wich leads me to think its the hardware thats damaged from the update, unfortunatly, as im happy with the phone otherwise.

my wifi suddenly stopped working too